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07/02: It’s Not Too Late! How to Start Your Camp NaNo Project By Grayson Yount

“It’s easy for things to get in the way of writing or to not feel up to it—don't beat yourself up for that. The spirit of NaNoWriMo is to have fun and be creative.”

07/03: Reasons to Read Comics and Graphic Novels By Ian Hebeisen

“In high school, I found out that there was an entire course offered on graphic novels. Intrigued, I took it, and it ended up being my favourite class of my high school career.”

07/04: The folklore Love Triangle By Yun-Fei Wang

“She was young and in love and intoxicated, knowing well that the affair would eventually end but didn’t stop herself from condensing her life down.”

07/05: The Crimes of Jude Duarte: A Much-Needed Twist on the ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ By Stuti Desai

“Girls are constantly told to settle for less, to be empowered, but only a certain amount, to bear some precarious line between ‘good career’ and ‘too much,’ but Jude? Jude cares nothing for that. And, if you’re of a marginalized group reading this? Neither should you.”

07/06: Nonfiction Graphic Novels By Asha Swann 

“Yes, many nonfiction books are boring, there is truly nothing more satisfying than knowing that the incredible story you’ve just read is true.”

07/07: Tips for Editing and Revising By Skylar Nitzel

“Don’t be afraid to tear your story to pieces; editing and revising is strenuous, but rewarding.”

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