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06/12: LGBTQ+ Books to Read Without Outing Yourself By Asha Swann

“If you’re living in a place where you feel like you can’t be openly and authentically yourself, take a look at these books.”

06/13: “Every Touch Of You Corrupts” : Fanfiction And “Ruining” The Integrity of Media By Ishika Dube

“Fanfiction is a form of derivative writing created by fans of a particular media such as books, tv series and/or movies.”

06/13: Wasted Sobriety: Development in Writing By Yun-Fei Wang

“Something is missing; words are hoarded in the back of your throat and it’s unendurable, it’s suffocating, but you find yourself unable to cough out anything other than colorless blood.”

06/14: Identity & Interactions as an LGBTQ+ Teenager By Stuti Desai

"The sonnet is a form as ubiquitous as the haiku and the limerick. Practicing sonnet writing will improve your poetry and ability to maintain meters and feet."

06/15: Writing LGBTQ+ Characters When You Don’t Identify as LGBTQ+ By Ian Hebeisen

“There’s an ongoing debate in writing: how do you write honest representation when it means including experiences outside of your own?”

06/16: On Writing Asexuality By Olivia Lindquist

“Asexuality is probably not a word you are used to hearing often.”

06/17: Places to Publish as an LGBTQ+ writer and For LGBTQ+ Stories By Elena Sarigeorgiou

“Whether you’re an LGBT+ writer, or writing about LGBT+ characters, here’s a good resource list for places that are judgment free.”

06/18: Enhance Your Writing with Word Painting By Grayson Yount

“No matter how terrible the writing was or how evil the lesbian characters were: these novels were proof that gay women existed.”

We are working to create an exhaustive database of writing opportunities, stay tuned!

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